Your fitness journey at Henosis begins with a No Sweat Consultation! We understand you may just want to get right to work, but in order to truly help you, we need to know how! Whether your goals include fat loss, improved performance, pain reduction, or just general fitness, we want to understand where you want to go and help you get there. It’s a no pressure way to meet us, hear about the support our programs offer, and get a sense of what joining our community feels like.

The amazing thing about working with Henosis is that we can meet you right where you are– no one is too out of shape, too deep in bad habits, or too unhealthy to begin this journey with us! We have worked with people of every fitness and ability level, and helped them see lasting results to their physical and emotional health.

Ready to talk more about your goals and how to reach them? Schedule your No Sweat Consultation here!