We hate to brag, but our staff is flat-out amazing. They are incredibly knowledgeable, endlessly encouraging, and wholeheartedly committed to your success. Meet our crew!

Nathan Bressner

Co-Owner/Lead Trainer, BS in Physical Education-Exercise Science, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, USAW Sports Performance coach, PN1 Certified: Precision Nutrition Certified Professional, Active Life Tier 1-Assessments Certified, Crossfit Scaling, Crossfit Spot the Flaw, Crossfit Running, EMT-Paramedic


Whether working as a student strength and conditioning coach during undergrad or serving the people of Southern Illinois as a paramedic, Nathan has always had a passion for helping others. Owning and operating Henosis has given him the opportunity to help people of all walks of life see improvements in their athletic abilities, as well as their physical and emotional health. Nathan has a genuine love for fitness and wellness, and you can feel that excitement in every class he coaches. When he’s not on the workout floor you can find him riding bikes or making pancakes with his kids, Della and Wesley.

Wendy Bressner

Co-Owner, CrossFit Level I Trainer


If you knew Wendy a few years ago, you’d know why she can’t go anywhere without someone saying “You look great!” Wendy was the very first person to complete the Henosis 6-week Transformation Challenge– she lost 19 lbs in those 6 weeks, but she also gained habits that allowed her to make nutrition and fitness a priority in her life. She’s looking, feeling, and moving better than she has in years, and she’s excited to help other people see the same success!

Wendy is a CrossFit Level I Trainer and amazes herself every day with all the things she didn’t know she could do– running, lifting, box jumps, you name it. Every workout includes something Wendy thought was beyond her, but she’s learning to push past those imaginary limits and let herself be strong and healthy and fit. If you are scared to get started because you’re out of shape, embarrassed, or nervous, you’re not alone. Wendy and the rest of the staff will be there alongside you, encouraging you through the struggle and cheering for your progress.

Lacey Flores

CrossFit Level I Trainer


Lacey has led a pretty active life since childhood–playing softball, basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball through high school. In college Lacey continued to stay active through running, various boot camp challenges, and body-building, and even completed her first half marathon in February of 2017! When she needed a new challenge, her older sister introduced her to CrossFit. A little skeptical at first, Lacey committed to trying it out and fell in love with CrossFit and the community. She loves how CrossFit has changed her body and helped her gain strength that she never thought was possible! Lacey got her CrossFit Level I because she loves helping members make progress and continue developing their fitness levels.

Bridgette Ludwig

CrossFit Level I Trainer


If you know Bridgette, you know there are a few things she loves: avocados (first and foremost), being part of a team, and fitness! She loves the way it makes her feel, both physically and emotionally, and she loves the way CrossFit brings people together and makes them better. Also if you know Bridgette, you know what a vibrant, loving person she is, which makes her the perfect addition to our team! When she isn’t coaching, training, or working one of her many jobs, you can find Bridgette washing her avocado knife and teaching herself Russian (seriously).

Chip Markel

CrossFit Level I Trainer


Chip is everyone’s favorite gym Dad! He’s been doing CrossFit for close to 8 years now, and loves sharing his passion for fitness with the people around him. Rumor has it that Chip loves CrossFit so much, he turned his garage into a gym! At 58 years old, Chip has no plans of slowing down. He has to modify around shoulder and knee troubles sometimes, but that has helped him be a great resource for athletes who need to modify movements to accommodate previous injuries or general limitations. Chip loves CrossFit because it’s great fitness in an even better community. He can frequently be seen teaming up with his favorite workout buddies, his wife Leslie and daughter Kristin šŸ™‚